Thaer Farhat

Thaer Farhat

Debate Instructor

A debate instructor in the Arabic programs department at QatarDebate since 2017.

Thaer oversees and supervises the development and creation of various debate curriculum, in addition to presenting advanced workshops for the different age groups in our community. Thaer has a significant role in coordinating with local and international judges and reviewing their performance, along with overseeing the most prominent projects organized by QatarDebate such as the ambassadors’ program and the Elite Academy.


Thaer has an extensive experience in the debate world since he participated in many international debate championships and won various individual awards. In 2015 Thaer was selected to become QatarDebate ambassador in Jordan, where he organized many debate events and activities and aided in spreading the debate culture across Jordan, along with aiding QatarDebate in many events as an adjudicator, coach, or organizer.


Thaer is a youth advocate and led many student associations and established multiple initiatives. Thaer has experience in the media field through presenting and leading many programs and dialogue sessions.

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