QatarDebate Academic Programs

At QatarDebate Center we strive to provide a comprehensive and stimulating debate experience and become the leader in this field.

Our academic programs include a variety of activities that play a role in spreading the art of debate and dialogue and to develop it further, along with its corresponding fields. QatarDebate offers debate curriculums with various partners to teach and present debate courses in universities, such as Police College in Qatar and Utah university in USA. Our curriculum is designed to give students the skills and knowledge to effectively engage in debates and enhance their debate, public speaking, persuasion and many other skills.

We also offer a Masters program in Debate at Ez-Zaituna University in Tunisia. Our program is designed to provide students with an indepth understanding of debate theory and practice in Islamic science.

QatarDebate has recently launched the QatarDebate Fellowship Program, with academics from across the globe taking part in the program to bring their experiences in their respective fields and apply them to the field of debate.

Our academic programs also include international conferences that aim bring together academics from across the globe to discuss and present and develop the field of debate and dialogue.