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QD Majlis at Western Kentucky University

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QatarDebate and the Russian Federation gaining new prospects of cooperation

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Qatar Museums debate highlights public art's role in development of culture

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Qatar Foundation member kicks off the Qatar-American Year of Culture by signing agreement with leading US university

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200 participants in the Preparatory Schools Debate League

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Qatari youth discuss their views on marriage

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Genetic Modification: a nightmare for humanity or a gateway to prosperity?

2021-06-20 ...

Free speech vs Blasphemy: What Should France Do?

2021-02-21 ...

Should the COVID-19 vaccines be enforced?

2021-01-09 ...

Does sport unite people or drive them apart?

2021-01-04 ...

Government Bailouts for companies during crisis

2020-11-09 ...

The Ethics Behind Football Club Ownership

2020-10-10 ...

Penalties for violating the quarantine, effective or harsh?

2020-10-03 ...

Is the BDS movement ineffective?

2020-09-12 ...

Working from home or going back to office, what would you prefer?

2020-08-23 ...

Borrowing from the International Monetary Fund: fanning or extinguishing the fire?

2020-08-16 ...



QD Ramadan Webinars: Debate Content Series


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