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QatarDebate Centre, Founded by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, was established in 2008 and is the national debating organization for Qatar. We aim to be a guiding force in nurturing the spirit of free thought, open discussions, and constructive debate in Qatar, the wider Arab region and beyond.

At QatarDebate, we believe by “Enriching Dialogue, Empowering Minds”, we prepare the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to explore, analyze, and debate important issues from all sides.

The efforts of QatarDebate Center in spreading the culture of debate and open dialogue are expanding and spreading via building bridges of cooperation with many institutes locally and internationally. QatarDebate nurtures unique programs with the aim of spreading QatarDebate’s message across the globe.

QatarDebate Centre serves the community by partnering with local organizations and ministries to improve public discourse. We organize events and tournaments for schools and universities worldwide. QatarDebate also fosters Team Qatar, the national debating team that represents Qatar in international championships.


To foster a culture of discussion and debate, and in doing so, shape the global citizens of today as well as create the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.

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To develop, support and raise the standard of open discussion and debate among students in Qatar and across the Middle East, thereby shaping the global citizens of today as well as creating the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.

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To provide and promote educational debating activities at the local, regional and international levels for high-school and university students in Qatar, and also to educate young people about communications and critical thinking.

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A Message from the Executive Director

I would like to welcome you to QatarDebate Centre website. This Centre was established in 2008 and was sponsored and supported by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation (QF), to promote the skill of debate and open dialogue in Qatar and around the region. This was done to promote engagement with all community groups, particularly the youth, with the aim of perfecting the art of open dialogue and building the personalities of those discussing and addressing concrete community issues on the ground, with convincing arguments and clear evidence.

From this platform, I would like to send a message to everyone interested in learning about and excelling in debates and public discussions, to invite you to view the QatarDebate Centre’s public files, which will inform you about the Centre’s structure and aims. Through this message, we endeavor to deliver our vision about debate and dialogue to the widest possible audience, and to bridge the communication gap through the explanatory sources of debating. You can download the book “the complete guide on the Art of Debate" which has been translated from English into Arabic. You can also view the “dictionary of debating terms”, which includes terms in both English and Arabic relating to debate and dialogue, in addition to our new release book “Introduction to the Art of Debating”.

We would also like to hear your opinions, feedback and all your queries about the activities offered by QatarDebate. We want to cater for your debating needs and are here to pay attention to your creative ideas and suggestions surrounding some of the new methods and modern literature on the subject of debate and collaborative work. We want to create a holistic administrative system that invests in the intellect and talents of young people, and develops their debate skills in international championships and local competitions. We believe that debating is one of the tools that shape human beings and help them build self-confidence.

At QatarDebate, we offer everyone diversified programs, activities and training workshops run by highly competent trainers, to enable everyone to participate in championships. We also support anyone wishing to spread the culture of debate in their home country, or establish debating forums.

At QatarDebate, we are proud to be a part of QF, the constructive educational establishment in Qatar. So welcome to you all, and I pray to Allah that we may achieve all of our aspirations.

Verily, Allah is the granter of success.

Dr Hayat Abdulla Maarafi
Executive Director

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