Sparking Critical Thinking: How Debate Empowers Students to Shape Their Values
February 29, 2024 0

Doha – QatarDebate

Local debate tournaments between school students are one of the most important competitions in the debate community, as they are the subject of strong competition between local teams, which helps to develop debate and dialogue skills, which is one of the skills of intellectual production and increase the knowledge balance.

At QatarDebate Center – established by Qatar Foundation for Education, Research and Community Development – we aim to promote a culture of debate and open dialogue among the school community with the help of competent trainers, debaters and host schools through our debate programs in Arabic and English.

QatarDebate is keen to involve most schools and students of all ages in the local leagues and national championships and to seek to enrich cultural competition and produce qualified elements to participate with debate teams in international tournaments. Local discussion journals provide a platform for school students to participate in the analysis and discussion of thought-provoking issues, and embark on personal, academic and social growth journeys.

The league is held during the academic year and the issues are prepared either half an hour before the round or in advance, where the competition is in the rounds to win the title of league champion and qualify for the national championship and from it to the international championship.


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