The world is getting ready for the 7th International Universities Debating Championship
February 20, 2024 0

QatarDebate is the organizational and strategic partner in organizing national championships across the world ahead of the 7th IUDC

Doha – QatarDebate Center

National debating tournaments are the most important catalyst for collaboration within local communities and a good opportunity to build cultural bridges between teams and enable people to exchange views. This type of tournament is highly contested between university or school students.

QatarDebate, Founded by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, pays special attention to supporting tournaments in the region and the world. With the aim of discovering distinguished young talents and establishing debate teams that represent the country in various international forums in the best way.

The Center, in cooperation with various entities from different countries, has contributed to organizing local national championships as a strategic and organizational partner. During the period from last October to February 2024, 15 tournaments were organized in the following countries: “Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Germany, Sudan, Turkey and the United States of America” with the participation of 925 debaters and 565 judges. With the aim of nominating and selecting the teams participating in the upcoming 7th International Universities Debating Championship in Doha, in addition to introducing the debate cultures among university students and igniting the spirit of competition among them by discussing various regional and global issues in line with the center’s mission to diagnose pivotal issues and draw inspirational ideas and language skills on the tongues of Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, and to activate dialogue as a solution to overcome differences.

The national championships are preceded by the “Training Academy” and “Adjudicators Academy”, through which the Center seeks to develop the skills of participants in the field of debate in a way that enables them to arbitrate debates and tournaments and issue results transparently and credibly within one unified criteria and how to manage sessions and the foundations of following them. The training also focuses on introducing participants to the skills of debate, presenting some of the problems that may arise during debates and how to address them, avoiding being affected by the formal aspect, and paying attention to content, thought and logic.


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