QatarDebate: Empowering Global Knowledge Sharing Through Debate
March 18, 2024 0

Fostering knowledge in debate, argumentation and dialogue

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate, founded by Qatar Foundation for Education, Research and Community Development, has witnessed significant growth in its programs promoting dialogue and empowering minds worldwide. Building on its success in organizing international debate championships, QatarDebate is expanding its offerings to cultivate a robust culture of dialogue and generate substantial knowledge in debate and dialogue studies.

In recent years, QatarDebate has launched a series of unique academic and research programs specializing in debate and dialogue. These programs are built on three pillars: a graduate program, a research fellowship program, and the International Conference on Debate and Dialogue.

Master’s Program “Art of Debate in Comparative Jurisprudence” 2022-2023

Debate, as an argumentative and dialogue practice, is deeply intertwined with Islamic sciences. Historically, Muslim scholars practiced debate following established “etiquette of research and debate.” Islamic heritage is rich with jurisprudential and theological debates between scholars and imams. Recognizing this connection, QatarDebate partnered with the Tunisian University of Al-Zaytoona to launch the world’s first graduate program specializing in debate within Islamic sciences. Titled “Master of Research in Islamic Sciences: The Art of Debate in Comparative Jurisprudence,” this program complements QatarDebate’s existing efforts to offer debate-related courses at various universities worldwide.

QatarDebate Research Fellowship Program

The Arab world faces a knowledge gap in debate, pilgrimage (likely referring to intellectual pursuit), and dialogue, which are core areas of QatarDebate’s work. To bridge this gap, QatarDebate established the first research fellowship program specifically for scholars interested in developing knowledge in debate and related fields. The program aims to attract researchers and academics by providing academic and financial support over a two-year period (with potential extension) for them to produce and publish impactful academic research. Current research projects range from analyzing contemporary Arab debate methods to developing an AI model for understanding debate, cataloging historical manuscripts on debate in Islamic heritage, and studying debate’s role in fostering critical thinking skills.

First International Conference on Debate and Dialogue (2023)

To foster a network of brilliant minds and provide a platform for academics, researchers, and debate activists to share research and best practices, QatarDebate launched the inaugural “International Conference on Debate and Dialogue” in May 2023. The conference attracted over 80 academic paper submissions, featured specialized lectures, workshops, and dialogue sessions, and welcomed CEOs of debate communities worldwide alongside over 700 participants from Qatar and abroad. This conference serves as a nucleus for an academic network that examines historical and contemporary experiences in dialogue and debate. It provides QatarDebate with a deeper understanding to guide contemporary knowledge production in the field.

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