Muhammad Abdur Rehman

Muhammad Abdur Rehman

Debate Instructor

Muhammad Abdur Rehman is a debate instructor at QatarDebate’s English Programs department since 2012.
Abdur has a significant role in spreading the debating culture across schools and universities in Qatar, along with conducting various debate related workshops and training sessions and leading many of the tournaments and championships organized by QatarDebate.


Abdur Rehman has extensive experience in debating spread across fifteen years of participation at different debate communities around the world as a debater, debate coach, adjudicator, and debate team manager. Abdur has accompanied Team Qatar on three international trips to Slovenia, Turkey and Singapore as either the debate coach, team manager, or adjudicator.

Abdur holds a double major in economics and finance from the Lahore School of Economics, in Pakistan, where he was also the president of the debate club.

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