Mohammed Salman Ali

Mohammed Salman Ali

Debate Instructor

Mohammed is a debate coach at the Arabic programs department at QatarDebate since 2011.
Mohammed currently has a significant role in planning and coordinating training programs and activities in the Arabic programs department, in addition to developing training materials and conducting and supervising training programs to strengthen the skills of debate coaches and adjudicators.


Mohammed has 15 years of experience in the debate field, starting as a debater in Malaysia in 2004 and winning top speaker awards, then moving on to begin debating in Arabic and winning the ASEAN debating championship titles in 2007 and 2009.


Mohammed Salman joined QatarDebate back in 2011 where he was the head of the adjudication committee for many international championships. In 2016 he coached Team Qatar that participated in 3rd International Schools Debating Championship, the team that won the championship that year.


Mohammed Salman has a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the International Islamic University Malaysia, where he led the Arabic debate club back then.

In addition to Islamic studies, Salman is interested in researching other areas including moral values, emergency laws & regulations, internal security, and mental health.

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