Saad Elasad

Saad Elasad

Debate Instructor

Saad is a debate instructor at the Arabic programs department at QatarDebate since 2014.
Saad supervises various projects within QatarDebate including debate programs to develop the Arabic language in the United in addition to developing and teaching a debate curriculum at the Police College in Qatar as a visiting lecturer since 2017.


Throughout his career Saad presented multiple debate workshops and training sessions and aided in organizing debate tournaments in Qatar, USA, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan, and Lebanon. Currently Saad focuses on developing specialized advanced workshops and content development workshops. Saad coached many teams including Team Qatar that took part in the 2017 WSDC.


Before joining QatarDebate, Saad was an active member in the debate community as a debater and adjudicator, taking part in many local and international championships in Qatar, UK, Japan and Malaysia. Saad was also the head of the debate club at Qatar University between 2012-2013 when the Arabic debate club was established.


Saad holds a master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration on energy and sustainable development and is currently a doctorate student (JD) in the college of law at Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

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