The second panel discussion of the Oasis of Dialogue is underway
June 21, 2020 0

Oasis of Dialogue: Qatar’s Economy: strengths and weaknesses

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate Center – a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development launches second discussion panel of the “Oasis of dialogue” under the title of “Qatar’s economy/strengths and weaknesses” on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 at 7 PM online.

Oasis of Dialogue aims to provide a constructive environment for dialogue and the exchange of ideas and theses and seeks to build a positive interactive system based on exploring and respecting the other, through an active link of three main components. Also, it includes experts and specialists and authors of research and analytical writing, as well as young people with their views, perceptions and interests in contemporary issues.

For her part, Dr Hayat Maarafi – Executive Director of QatarDebate Center – Oasis of Dialogue is a Forum for the expert minds and capable youth skills, and a platform that features discussion of emerging talent. It hones dialogue competencies of the elite, with intellectuals and academics, so difference becomes the new mindset, and dialogue a means of coexistence.

Adding: “The first discussion episode of Oasis of Dialogue was successful and fruitful. The center was able to discuss important issues in our time. It is a spacious platform designed to educate young people on specialized topics of scientific fields and stimulate ideas, experiences, and community development.

Indicating that the choice of the title of the panel discussion “Qatar Economy: Strengths and weaknesses” coincides with the risks and challenges arising from the current crises and looking at them from several aspects and creating an academic environment to discuss these issues and try to reach sustainable economic development. She welcomes experts’ and specialists’ participation in this panel discussion. On behalf of the QatarDebate, she thanked Dr. Khaled Rashid Al-Khater and Dr. Al-Anoud Al-Maadid and Mr. Nasser Al-Emadi and everyone who participated in the preparation and presentation.

Guests of the second discussion panel from the Oasis of Dialogue

Dr. Khaled Al-Khater

Oasis of Dialogue hosted: Dr. Khaled Al-Khater / holds a PhD in Economics from the University of California – 2009 – and MA and BSc Honors degrees in Economics University of Western Michigan, United States of America, and specializing in monetary policy, political science and economic growth.

He is a fellow researcher at the Center for Macroeconomics and the Institute for Emerging Markets at the University of Cambridge, UK, and previously worked as a resident researcher at Georgetown University – Qatar – 2011-2012 and director of the Research and Monetary Policy Department at the Central Bank of Qatar, and represented the State of Qatar in the Technical Committee of the Monetary Union of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

His research interests include monetary policy, exchange rate policy, macroeconomic policies, economic diversification in the GCC countries, and the political economy of rentier states.

He has several scientific papers published in a number of scientific periodicals, books and research centers and participated in many international conferences as a lecturer and speaker.

Dr Alanoud Al-Maadeed

Assistant Professor of Economics at Qatar University. She holds a doctorate degree in economics and finance besides the award of Innovation and Influence from Brunel University in London in 2016 and worked as a fellow at Qatar Center for International and Regional Studies – Georgetown University 2019.

She is a researcher interested in the fields of chronologic economics, the stock market in the Gulf Cooperation Council states, and behavioral economics, and has taught the principles of macro- and microeconomics, energy economics and monetary policies. She is involved in many research projects, including leading a research titled “Qatar Stock Markets Vision through a behavioral lens.” Dr. Al-Maadeed received the Emir of Qatar Award for Educational Excellence 2017.

The discussion panel will be managed by Nasser Al-Emadi – Graduate of Business Administration – Finance major from Qatar University. Interested in the local and global economy and fluctuations in energy prices.

What are the themes of the second discussion episode of Oasis of dialogue?

The episode focuses on three main points. The first point would evaluate the Qatari economy at the present time, while the second point would discuss the weaknesses within the Qatari economy, the third point will display the role of private sector in the diversification of sources of income and the support of the local economy.

Through these points, we learn about ways to present proposals and perceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of the Qatari economy and the role of the private sector in diversifying sources of income. The thesis of key guests would be formulated in the form of discussion papers published via electronic interaction platforms on the QatarDebate website and will be added to the recommendations and summary of the discussions that took place within the Oasis dialogues.

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