QatarDebate Journal: a balance in opposite points of view
June 18, 2020 0

QatarDebate launches new online journal

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate Center (QD) a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), seeks to carry out its mission, to spread and promote a culture of dialogue in the region and around the world, in the hopes of empowering the youth in becoming the distinguished leaders of tomorrow. 

A tool in its arsenal towards fulfilling this goal, is the QD Journal. It’s a platform for publishing a balanced analysis of current issues in the news with an academic style, capturing popular opinion in society, on all sides of the issue in question.

Published articles are designed to encourage intellectual debate, on a range of topics, including environmental, social, health, economic, and cultural issues that have a profound impact on the life of society.

The desired outcome of intellectual discourse is the enrichment of minds. Accordingly, since its inception, the Center has been committed towards spreading and promoting the culture of intellectual debate in Arab speaking world and beyond.

The intent of the QD Journal, is to be a platform for intellectual discourse on the most pressing challenges of our time, by providing a space for presenting complex arguments and inspiring solutions, in the hopes of stimulating changes that lead to a better world.

A fundamental principle of the QD Journal, is to be inclusive and to take in consideration all points of views, such as those of civil society institutions, youth, and women, when addressing the problems all these groups face together.

The journal’s objective is to leverage the bridging power of communication and dialogue, in order to discuss and tackle social, as well as local, and international issues.

The journal will be a vehicle for discussion on social and contemporary issues, composed by QD Elite Academy members, as well as academic and experts the fields of social, economic, and development. 

Owing to their expertise and effective communication, these contributors will present their ideas in articles that in turn will form the content, ultimately bringing about better informed and constructive discussion in society on important issues.  It will spark discussions that touch upon on the important issues of our time, supported by intelligent and original viewpoints.

A sample of titles of QD Journal are: “Protests in the Time of Corona”; “Will the world change for the better after COVID-19?”.


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