The First International Conference on Debate and Dialogue
May 23, 2023 0

A wide network of researchers, academics, and postgraduates from the global debate community

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate Center announces the organization of an international academic event entitled “The International Conference on Debate and Dialogue” during 29 – 30 May, 2023, at Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC).   

This academic gathering reflects the Center’s orientation of being based on science, knowledge, studies and research aimed at opening the horizons of cooperation and knowledge development. It is the first edition of the Conference with the participation of researchers, academics and postgraduate students.

It is, hence, an important milestone among the Center’s hard working efforts and stands for a leading dialogue forum through which the thoughts of elite researchers and academics are presented to the attendees. Indeed, it is an advanced step towards providing the promising youth cadres with further training experiences on academic research.  

The Conference is going to host 80 academics and researchers, in addition to a number of postgraduate students, elite specialists, and members of the fellowship program. The number of attendees is estimated to reach 150. Additionally, the present event will be unique in terms of rich themes and cross-disciplinary topics such as philosophy, education, linguistics and Islamic studies. The Conference will also showcase the value of fellowship, research programs and academic curricula offered by QatarDebate to international universities.

In this context, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Subaie, Director of Programs at QatarDebate Center, said: “After a journey full of achievements, the Center established a large international pool of researchers interested in the field of debating. So, after these years, it became necessary for the Center to embrace all efforts and unite them by organizing this international conference to bring together experts from international academic institutions as well as participants from the Center’s programs: Elite Academy, Fellowship, Path Academy, Ambassadors and others. The Conference, moreover, represents an important opportunity for the Center to highlight its achievements since its establishment in 2008. As a result, relations will be strengthened with many media and academic entities by signing memorandums of understanding and uniting the efforts exerted to show the impact of the wide interaction taking place in various continents.”

Speakers and Topics 

Four speakers are going to participate in the Conference:

Keynote speaker Dr. Rajab Shanturk from Hamad Bin Khalifa University. He will present the theme of debate from the Islamic heritage perspective. Dr. Dima Mohammed from Nafa University in Portugal will present the topic of argumentation in the form of frameworks and applications. The third topic will be presented by Dr. Heba Rauf Ezzat from Ibn Khaldun University in Turkey on dialogue and its cultural and social dimensions, while Dr. Maya Nenadovic from Croatia will present the topic of debate and education.

Exhibition on the Sidelines of the Conference

In parallel with the Conference, an exhibition will be organized with a layout of three pavilions. The first is dedicated to highlight the achievements and programs developed by the Center recently, in addition to the various projects which were established during the past 15 years, how they were communicated to the world, and what are their objectives; including a national debating team, Elite Academy, Ambassadors, expansion foundations for debate and dialogue, and the local and international tournaments. The second pavilion showcases the research publications participating in the Conference and a detailed explanation of them, while the third pavilion is an interactive space where participants who have had a role in the various programs of the Center during the past years will present their experiences and the impact of debates on their academic and work lives, in addition to honing their skills and the role of the Center in completing their projects.

Doha Debates

For the first time, a collaboration with Doha Debates will be made by participating in local and international debaters’ workshops along with the members of Elite Academy. These workshops are scheduled to target complex and pressing issues suggested by students to be topics of future panel discussions in the upcoming season of Doha Debates.

Oasis of Dialogue 

The Conference includes distinguished activities and parallel specialized sessions that conclude with the Oasis of Dialogue under the title: “Social and Familial Relationships”.

Debates in Arabic and English

There are two competitive debates on May 29 in Arabic and English similar to the presidential debates model, where 6 debaters present different opinions on an issue. The debates conclude with questions by the public.

Partners of the Center

Strategic partner: Doha Forum, media partners: Al Jazeera Media Institute and Arab and New Arab TV Network, translation partner: Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s Translation and Interpreting Institute. Qatar Airways is the official carrier. 

National Debating Team

It is worth mentioning that Qatar will participate in the debates of the Conference, where the students’ journey with the Center and the role of the Center in ensuring training and representation of the State locally and globally will be both highlighted.


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