The 6th International Schools Debating Championship begins
May 6, 2023 0

40 Countries gather to compete for the 6th ISDC title

Doha – QatarDebate

Today, Saturday, May 6, the first phase of the sixth International Schools Debating Championship began via the zoom platform Organized by QatarDebate with the participation of 40 teams representing 40 countries from around the world.

The tournament will be held in two stages, the first from 6-7 May 2023 online, via the zoom platform, the teams will participate in five preliminary rounds with open debates for both the open category and the non-native Arabic speakers category. Then 12 teams from the open category and 4 teams in the Arabic for non-native speakers category who achieved the best results will qualify for the second stage and the final rounds in Qatar, which will start in September 2023.

What distinguishes this international tournament from others is the focus on two things, the first is that a large number of countries such as the Gulf countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Sudan have organized national championships to choose the team that will represent the country in this international tournament in addition to adhering to the center’s standards. The other thing is the role of the members of the Elite Academy, which reached 40 people after training by QatarDebate, who were distributed to new teams with the aim of training and qualification to participate in this international tournament.


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