Using debate to battle climate change
November 26, 2019 0

QatarDebate in collaboration with Ministry of Municipality and Environment

Doha – QatarDebate Center
QatarDebate, a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, organized a training workshop dedicated to preparing people for negotiation and dialogue on climate change issues, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, during 3 days this November, at the center’s headquarters in Education City.

The workshop was presented by debate coach Saad Elasad – QatarDebate Center – who confirmed that the workshop aims to raise public awareness about climate change issues and how to build attitudes towards them and advocate for different aspects of climate change.
Saad said: “The workshop was about applications on environmental issues, the foundations of adaptation to climate change, negative effects, how to deal with them, and global efforts to finance these matters.”

The workshop was divided into three sections, the first was devoted to the world’s issued news and its relationship to climate change, and to discuss our position on it – for or against –
The second is to establish general frameworks for dialogue on the points that affect our lives in global security and ways to make people more logical and not to contradict opinions
As for the conclusion, it was devoted to simulation by dividing the participants into groups, each one discussing a proposal through which time is set and an opportunity is given for dialogue and consultation. success of this step.

Mr. Abdul-Hadi Nasser Al-Marri, Director of the Climate Change Department, pointed out the great benefit from the methods of analysis based on basic questions that discuss all themes and provide solutions for dialogue on issues of concern to climate change.
Noting that analogy skills develop the foundations of dialogue and help raise the ceiling of ideas and analyze them, which supports visions and ideas on the topic of climate,
He added: “The training skills that the center graciously provided include the problem and the solution, and this in turn opens up a variety of doors for us to link the discussion axes that make the negotiator better, smarter and more strategic. Therefore, we have trained on the negotiation and informed approach that may seem convincing to us, but it is not so for the other team, and this is what We gained it from the debates that gave us the opportunity to search for the strongest argument,

All thanks to QatarDebate for providing an interesting article that started with raising the issue and ended with refutation and persuasion.
He pointed to the importance of continuing cooperation with QatarDebate to train students and prepare negotiators with adequate experience and work in this field, as a further goal in educating young people about the importance of climate change and presenting enriching evidence.

On his part, Mr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Al Marwani, an expert on climate change management, explained: “The workshop is new and purposeful, as he was trained on how to negotiate and discuss environmental issues about climate change using analogy skills and work to mitigate its effects on our lives, and the foundations of adapting to it by presenting innovative ideas to enhance confidence between countries regarding their respective roles in addressing climate change.”
Adding: “What distinguishes this workshop is the practical aspect, which dealt with accessing the most important general issues with regard to climate, presenting proposals about them, refuting them with logical criteria, and benefiting from the ideas of the participants and the trainer.”

As for Mr. Rashid Rahim – Head of Aviation Environmental Protection Section – he praised the targeted training workshop that enables them to defend the issues adopted by the State of Qatar with regard to climate change,
It is an introduction and a means to highlight international positions and confront them with skill, not with knowledge. On this point, he said: “I see many people who have information, but they are unable to invest it in persuading others and communicating points of view, including the issue of environmental protection, which needs conscious study, understanding and refutation of positions.”. He added: “Debate gives people the skill of activating information with logic in the field of negotiations, with a winning rate of 60%, and this is what the QatarDebate Center has provided us.”
Pointing out, “I hope, in the next stage, for more intensive training on how to build and unify positions so that they become professional templates that we present to countries using analogy skills.”

He praised the mental connection between the participants and the harmony that supports the negotiator, when one of them begins a position supported by the other with a word that confirms his argument:

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