The new debate season kicks off with the 1st QUDL
November 5, 2020 0

Qatar Universities Debate League launched on Zoom by QatarDebate

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate – a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – launched Qatar Universities Debate League on October 21st through the online platform Zoom. With the participation of 58 debaters representing 30 teams from 10 universities in Doha.

This league featured the participation of Ibn Haldoun University from Turkey, Topics discussed were around global issues such as art, peacekeeping, and the goal behind popular media outlets and who they’re targeting.

QatarDebate aims to aid the ambitions of the university students in the debate world and public speaking through discussing and analysing  global pressing issues.

Through debate rounds, debaters virtually exchanged their different views on the motion of Street Art which acts as a medium for minority artists to express their views and aspirations. Debaters agreed on the stance that this type of art builds a special communication link between the creatives and the public.

Participants highlighted the example of areas falling in between civil unrest and foreign intervention majorly hindering any means of expression limiting art and plurality of opinions. Highlighting the importance of Street Art, it is considered a meaningful tool to express joy, misery, peace and war and what lays in its emergence from suffering allowing it to be showcased and be accessible to the public.

Universities participating in QUDL

The debating teams participating in the Qatar Universities Debate League represented the following universities: Qatar University, Carnegie Mellon University, College of North Atlantic Qatar, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Northwestern University Qatar, Stenden University, Texas A&M University and Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. In addition to that, Ibn Haldoun University from Turkey, international guests from turkey, and 18 adjudicators.

Debaters covered various global issues

Teams participating in QUDL debated the following issues: Minority artists should focus on creating street art and art in public spaces rather than art intended for display in galleries and traditional artistic venues.”, “Former colonial powers should not be involved in any form of peacekeeping or nation-building efforts in their former colonies beyond emergency aid or assistance.”, “The narrative that individuals have an “authentic self”.

Info slide: In popular media, individuals’ “authentic self” is often understood to be made up of certain core values and dispositions that inform the rest of their choices and decisions at all times.

Georgetown University Continues wining QUDL and gaining most points

Georgetown University earned most points during QUDL and their student Pragyan wins Best Speaker during the league.

Noting that Qatar Universities Debate League in english follows a league system; the debate points earned by the top two teams from the University at tournaments are accumulated. QatarDebate aims to equip participating students with ability to practice quick critical thinking that supports academic life. As debate is considered a major tool in developing speech and dialogue skills and using it in all areas of life.


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