The final stages of the 6th International Schools Debating Championship
August 30, 2023 0

Doha – QatarDebate

The Sixth International Arabic School Debating Championship, organized by QatarDebate in Doha, Qatar, will kick off on Saturday, September 2, 2023,  with the  participation  of 40 countries from around the world.  

The championship is organized biennially by QatarDebate, it has become a global forum to discuss many pressing universal issues by Arab and non-Arabic speaking youth. These debaters are expanding the art of debate beyond the Arab region.

In a statement by the center’s coach, Mr. Salman Ali, in which he indicated that what distinguishes this championship from previous ones  is that it’s being conducted in two stages, the first via ZOOM  platform  that included all  the participating teams, and the second is hosted in Doha in a series of competitive rounds leading to the final round of the Arabic language category for non-native speakers, and the semi-final round and then the final for the open category.

He continued:  “There are 4 teams in the Arabic language category for non-native speakers for the first time qualified for the knockout rounds,  “Kazakhstan, South Africa, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Kenya, which participates for the  first time  in the tournament.”

Tournament Objectives

The championship is an excellent chance for people around the world to network, exchange experiences and build bridges of communication based on dialogue and logic, in addition to expanding the Arabic language beyond the Arab world. In addition to strengthening and deepening ties and links in the fields of debate, education and culture between the educational institutions representing participating countries.


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