QatarDebate holds the 3rd Qatar Universities Debate League
January 29, 2020 0

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate Center (QD) a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), recently organized the 3rd Qatar Universities Debate League (QUDL) in English, held on Saturday, January 25, in the student center, Education city, with a total number of 20 participating teams representing 6 institutions. The participants debated around three motions during the tournament.

The rounds discussed three thought-provoking topics; “this house would ban lifestyle clauses in marriage contracts”; “this house believe that Iraq would have been better off had it been partitioned into 3 separate states at the beginning of the post-Saddam era”; “this house believe that parents from minority communities should raise their children to be selfish”.

It is worth mentioning that the 20 of the debating teams represented the following universities: College of North Atlantic Qatar, Doha Institute, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Northwestern University Qatar, Qatar University, and Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

Regarding the results, this is a league system; the debate points earned by the top two teams from the University at tournaments are accumulated. Here are the university rankings in this league: Georgetown University in Qatar, followed by Qatar University, then Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar.

Public Debate

Public Debate organized by QatarDebate in collaboration with the “National Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons’ (NCPW)” on the sidelines of the 3rd Qatar Universities Debate League between the top 4 teams of the Tournament as they discussed “This House regional agreements for nuclear non-proliferation (e.g. MENWFZ) are more effective than global agreements (e.g. NPT).”

The event was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talents and skills of debaters taking on a topic of national interest and relevance, for the viewing pleasure of students of the secondary and post-secondary level, and the public.  This event would not have been conceived or have the prominence without the “National Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons’ (NCPW)”. 

The National Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons does its utmost to play its role in the community awareness program and the youth generation of university students by holding public debates on the weapon of mass destruction’ (WMD) agreements in cooperation with QatarDebate. 

The continued cooperation between the Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons (NCPW) and QatarDebate is necessary to keep these public debates a sustainable platform for university students to reach a safe and free world and to keep Qatar safe and secure.

QatarDebate extended its thanks to NCPW for their vision and mandate, and their willingness to collaborate with educational institutions and students; they have shown to be champions of a safer world, and the idea of a world free of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

The attendees from the NCPW were: Lieutenant AbdulAziz Hamdan Al-Ahmed, General Secretary, Lieutenant Ali Sultan AL-GHANIM, Officer, and Prof. Salwan K.J. Al-Ani, Ph.D., Radiation Expert, Mr. Wael Nasser Eddin AL ASSAD (Expert), and Mr. Mohamed Abdallah (Expert Assistant)

From QatarDebate: Mr. Jamal Al-Baker, Community Engagement Manager, and Aisha Y. Al-Nesf, Head of Educational Programs. In addition to students from Secondary School Community in Qatar and students from QUDL debate community.

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