Doha Forum: Youth Edition, shaping a brighter future together
November 16, 2023 0

Doha Forum: Youth Edition, shaping a brighter future together

Doha, Qatar – QatarDebate Center

Doha Forum, renowned as a global platform for engaging dialogue between decision-makers, is set to host the third edition of the Doha Forum: Youth Edition 2023, powered by the QatarDebate Center. Set to take place in a revamped format between the 17th to 19th of November 2023, the event will gather bright minds and aspiring future leaders from around the world to engage in thought-provoking discussions on global and local issues which impact today’s generation.

The Youth Edition underscores the Center’s mission to foster a culture of debate and open dialogue to equip youth with life-long skills to empower them as agents of effective change. The event will bring together more than 100 delegates from over 75 countries to express various opinions, perspectives, and interests. The delegates will later form part of the Center’s strong alumni network of more than 250,000 empowered minds from more than 100 countries.

This year’s forum is being held under the theme, “Building Shared Futures” and encompasses crucial global topics, including International Relations and Defense, Economic Policy and Development, Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability.

On the sidelines of the forum, delegates will benefit from skills workshops and roundtable discussions designed to help them learn how to formulate policy-based recommendations to address contemporary global challenges. Influential youth keynote speakers, known for their active involvement in debate and advocacy activities, will enlighten participants by sharing their experiences and thoughts.

Additionally, the participants will benefit from panel discussions featuring experts from diverse backgrounds, including renowned authors, academics, entrepreneurs, law professionals, journalists, scientists, and political commentators from around the world, who will lead discussions focusing on the forum’s themes.


Commenting on the importance of the Youth Edition, Abdulrahman Al Subaie, Programs Director at QatarDebate said “Since its inception, QatarDebate has become the benchmark for debate and dialogue. We aim to not only promote a culture of healthy debate but to also demonstrate how our impact extends beyond a debate room. With the Youth Edition, we hope to provide a platform to empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and problem solvers around the world.

“Such forums can also enable innovative minds to be part of prominent global discussions. As a precursor to Doha Forum next month, the Youth Edition will provide valuable insights into how young minds envision the future. We are proud of our participants and alumni and together with our stakeholders, we remain committed to providing a meaningful platform for young people worldwide to drive impactful change in their societies.”

Sessions will be held at different locations including Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Georgetown University in Qatar, and the National Museum of Qatar. Additionally, foreign delegates will have the opportunity to experience and learn from the local culture, adding a unique dimension to the forum’s global perspective.

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