Debate Skills in the healthcare sector
December 16, 2019 0

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate Center (QD) a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), QatarDebate conducted two-day specialized debate skills training for healthcare professionals in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health on December 8 and 9. This advanced training was a continuation of the beginners’ course completed on August 25 and 26. The two-day event featured 25 participants.

This training focused on empowering participants with crucial verbal and non-verbal skills to become better communicators. Participants learned how to better manage impromptu speaking engagements, without prior preparation and on short notice, how to communicate effectively without getting nervous. The training also focused on the sources of miscommunication and how can we engage with others in a calm and composed way without feeling threatened when arguing. Participants agreed that we must engage in argumentation to pursue truth and better our understanding instead of arguing for the sake of arguing.

Muhammad Abdur Rehman, QatarDebate English Debate Instructor said “Communication is an essential professional skill for the workplace. It is an increasingly expected skill as you rise the leadership ladder. It not only represents your competence, confidence, and trustworthiness but also speaks volumes about the organization you represent,” said Muhammad Abdur Rehman, QatarDebate English Debate Instructor. “Working with healthcare professionals for these two days was a tremendous experience. The participants were eager to learn about presentation skills, argumentation skills, and strategies to avoid miscommunication. Their active participation throughout the two days made the training experience much more joyful.”

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