Team Qatar wins the 5th ISDC title
April 8, 2021 0

Doha – QatarDebate

Qatar’s team crowned  the International Schools Arabic Debating Championship organized by QatarDebate – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – which concluded yesterday, Wednesday, April 7, 2021 in its virtual version, and the winners were announced And the best speakers for the tournament at the closing ceremony, which was presented by a. Gharoor Abdul Wahed, and the Philippines team – Al-Mawla – won the World English School Debating Championship, which is organized by QatarDebate for the first time.

The two teams from South Africa and the Philippines competed for the championship title in the following issue “This council believes that post-colonial countries should not form national identities around resistance against their colonial masters The South African team  – the opposition- came in second place  

 The title holder of the Fifth International Schools Debating Championship in Arabic for the Open Category

The State of Qatar – loyalist team won the championship title by winning first place in the final of the Fifth International Arabic Debating Championship, consisting of: Student Mozah Khaled Al-Hajri – Abdullah Jassim Al-Kubaisi – Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Emadi – Asmahan Abdul Aziz Al Kuwari – Jewel Abdul Rahman Al Shammari

The two Qatari teams competed  And the Omani won the championship title in the following case: “This council will stop fuel subsidies.” The Sultanate of Oman team – the opposition – came in second place, and it consisted of: “Jinan bint Saif bin Muhammad Al-Hanaiah – Reem.” Bint Saeed bin Hamoud Al-Qasabiah – Qads bint Abdullah bin Ali Al-Riyamiyah – Shahd bint Muhanna bin Saeed Al-Rabkhiya.

The final round has taken place  Before the closing ceremony, amid a large international following of dignitaries, participating teams   local and international media.

Turkey wins the title of the International School of Arabic Debating Championship for Non-Native Speakers

The Republic of Turkey – loyalist team won –  The championship title by winning first place in the final of the Fifth International Arabic Debating Championship for non-native speakers, consisting of: Mustafa Arne Kousa – Amir Maarouf Chaiter – Yusef Bilal Garsakal – Omar Farouk Kaya – Amir Pratt Director

Malaysia team came  – the opposition –  In the second place, it is made up of: Student Raziq Roshidi bin Roshidi – Noor Hazira bint Muhammad Hafeez – Alia Batarisha bint Nour – Siti Nour Shaza Dhahra bint Sheikh Amizil.


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