QatarDebate announces the 2nd USADC
September 14, 2021 0

QatarDebate is ready to kickoff the 2nd U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship

Doha – QatarDebate Center

With the aim of expanding our reach to American universities and based on the success of the first edition of the American Debating Championship that was held in October 2019 at Harvard University, QatarDebate, a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, is organizing the second American Universities Arabic Debating Championship, to be held on November 12-14, hosted by the University of Chicago.

What distinguishes the second American championship is that many American universities have initiated debate clubs, that provided students with intensive training and gave them the ability to think critically, express ideas and communicate with others, which in return will increase the quality of the competitions in the championship. In addition to establishing strong teams of Arabic language learners who possess the skills of arguing and interacting in front of Arab teams.

In this context, debate instructor, Saad El-Assad expressed his expectations that the competition in this tournament will be strong between learners of the Arabic language and speakers of it, and the evidence is the increase in the number of participating universities, in addition to the fact that the tournament is in an American context and students live and study in America, but it is in Arabic, and this is an added benefit for all, in addition to the participation of American universities from Qatar for the first time.

As part of the preparatory track for the championship, QatarDebate organized from June 26-28, 2021 the “Debate Capacity Building program” at the University of Chicago.

The program focused on a major aspect of supporting and motivating the Arabic debate community in America, which began to grow significantly, as we witnessed the attendance of 40 participants from American universities and schools and professors and alumni.
The training staff consisted of QatarDebate’s trainers: Saad El-Assad and Tasneem Elias, QatarDebate’s ambassador, Muhammad Al-Lukhan, and Elite Academy members Nora Marzouqa, and Salma El-khoudi.

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