Crossing oceans and connecting continents through the 5th ISDC
April 5, 2021 0

The competitions continue on the second day of the 5th Internationals Schools Debating Championship

Doha- QatarDebate center

The activities of the second day of the Fifth International School Debating Championship in Arabic and English continue under the slogan “Our Earth, Our Refuge”. Organized by the QatarDebate Center from 3-7 April via cyberspace, with a wide international participation of debaters, judges and team instructors.

Team Qatar (English) instructor – Ms. Alanoud Al Thani

The instructor of the national team in the English language said that the team members made intense efforts before the championship and trained very hard with the aim of also participating in the World Schools Debating Championship next summer.

And now they have participated in debating rounds in the international championship organized by the QatarDebate, and achieved surprising initial results.

The team was divided into two teams to debate with the other teams and we see the great convergence between their levels. We saw that during the rounds when the competition was fierce, especially against the experienced Malaysian team.

The Qatari team presented new skills that we did not see during training because for the first time they faced external teams, and their ability to respond, adapt and think quickly showed in the rounds.

Note that the team is new, yet their style is sophisticated and their energy is strong, this is usually acquired after years for some of the debaters.

Instructor Mr. Abdulrahman Al kubaisi- QatarDebate center

The instructor of the national team in the Arabic language, Abdulrahman Al Kubaisi, said: “My happiness cannot be described by this wonderful experience, in training these young people who acquired skills during a period of time and were able to go through the championship rounds with exceptional experience.

They have acquired the ability to prepare and deal with texts and their chancing of winning are great, yesterday they presented a wonderful round that proved their ability to qualify for the eight-rounds.

 He added, “I am proud of them, representatives of the State of Qatar, and proud that I bear the responsibility of training them.”

National team for debating in Arabic

Moza Khaled Alhajri

Debater and captain of the national team said: “Before the championship and because we want to compete with a team that has more experience than us, we participated in the Universities League, as well as attending many training camps, we gained a lot of knowledge in various fields.

We work as a team to reach a common goal and prove our status in the debates. We have achieved a victory over the Brazilian team, and God willing, we will qualify for the finals.

Aljawhara Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari

Representing my country in this championship is the happiest responsibility of my life. The presence of the Qatari team makes it easier because everyone shares the love of representing their country.

Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Hammadi

The training and the championship’s ambiance is full of knowledge, skill and awareness, as it is a fertile space for applying what we have learned on the ground by competing against teams and convincing the judges of arguments and evidence and gain the honor of representing the State of Qatar.

Breaking the time barrier between countries

Virtual settings imposes certain times on the participants that will suit everyone, so how were countries such as America and Malaysia able to participate despite the time difference?

Ms. Laila Lamani-America/ we broke the time barrier with organization

Instructor of the American team Ms. Laila Lamani: “ Thank you for considering the timing barrier, the most important thing is the organization. I made a plan for my students to sleep between rounds during the break, because the time difference is big and difficult for students, especially the first day because they stayed up all night until 7:30 in the morning. Thankfully, the team has begun to adapt to the debating times.

Indian student Vishal learned Arabic fluently in two years

Student Vishal, one of the team members, who learned Arabic within two years only, trainer Laila said: “Vishal is a senior high school student, he started learning Arabic two years ago after he mastered the French language, he has a keen desire to learn languages.

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