Promising ambitions, fueled by great debate experiences
May 11, 2020 0

Moza Alhajri speaks to QatarDebate on her future plans in the debate field

QatarDebate center closely follows the opinions of Team Qatar members who excelled in the debate field. On this note we met with one of the most aspiring Team Qatar members, Moza Alhajri to talk about her aspirations and ambitions in the debate field, and how has the current crisis affected her plans.

Why did you decide to join Team Qatar for debating?

I have been debating since grade 5, and took part in multiple school debate tournaments which I excelled in. I wanted a bigger challenge, and a chance to further develop my skills, and that is why I joined.

How did the recent crisis affect your future in the debate field?

Because of the current crisis the international debating championship that I was eager to participate in was postponed, however I continued to regularly train with the team, and I still try to further develop my debating skills, along with enhancing my content based knowledge. Therefore, I don’t see that this crisis has hindered my development in the field, but rather gave me the motivation to learn more and debate more, as now I feel like there are many policies and principles in the world that need to be reconsidered and discussed more.

What are the pros and cons of distant learning?

Distant learning is quite different, but can still be useful and fun, of course it is more flexible, and we get to use technology and different tools to make our discussions more interactive. However, I still miss being all in one room, because that is what makes the debate exciting.

In your opinion, how can distant learning methods be developed?

The current training methods are excellent and fulfills the purpose, but I think it is possible to use more innovative and interactive technologies to make the experience more distinct.

What are your future ambitions in the debate field?

I look forward to winning the international debating championship, after we are done with this crisis. I also want to participate more in local debating tournaments, and I aim to continue to debate until the university level, so I can develop my skills in critical thinking and discussing different point views to a level where I can serve and aid in developing my country.


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