Team Qatar striving for excellence in international debate tournaments
May 12, 2022 0

Team Qatar finishes in 3rd place in one of the biggest debate tournaments

Doha – QatarDebate Center

QatarDebate – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – in light of the permanent preparation and continuous training of the Qatari National Team, Team Qatar reaps the fruits of victory after participating in the International Ljutomer International Debating Championship, one of the largest championships in the world. The national team ranked third and reached the semi-finals against the Canadian team.
The tournament that was held recently was held on ZOOM platform, with the participation of 140 national teams and school teams.

During the past two months, the national team participated in various tournaments in Singapore, China and the Harvard Championships, in which they achieved consecutive victories, the last of which was the victory over the Singaporean team, which held the championship title for three years.
With this success achieved by the Qatar National Team, team coach Mubarrat Wassey said, “The national team represented the State of Qatar and reaches to a level befitting its name and reputation in international forums, this achievement is a message to all Qataris of their ability to achieve the desired goals and the confidence that nothing is impossible.”

The members of the national team expressed their happiness and insistence on lasting success, and that this victory was the result of years of hard work and training at the hands of specialists at QatarDebate. The national team also proved to be a strong competitor among the international teams.

Team Qatar
The team included Reem Al-Aqili from Qatar International School, Fatima Al-Thani from Qatar Academy Doha, Moza Al-Hajri from Al-Bayan Secondary School for Girls, and Sarah Al-Maadeed from Durham School for Girls.
The team members were proud to have won various medals for the best speakers categories despite losing in the semi-final round, and they are “Moza Al-Hajri”, who won the title of the fourth best speaker in the tournament despite being a second language speaker. While Al Reem won first place as the best speaker of English as a second language. Sara came third in the same category, and Fatima was named the best new speaker in the tournament.

Mubarrat, a debate instructor at QatarDebate and the team coach supervised the training of the team which was evaluated as one of the best 4 teams in the competition, alongside Al Anoud Al Thani, a former debater in the national team and a current student at Georgetown University.
Alanoud expressed her pride in what the national team has achieved: “I am very proud of the success of the team and the progress it has made through hard work and commitment, and I look forward to seeing the members’ skills develop further in preparation for the World Schools Debating Championship.”

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