QatarDebate organizes an Event Academy in Kuwait
June 9, 2020 0

Event management Academy in Kuwait organized by QatarDebate

Doha – QatarDebate

Efficient Academy organized by QatarDebate Center (QD) a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), in Kuwait, took place from May 27-31, and featured 30 participants from different careers backgrounds in Kuwait. This training academy was set up in the light of the worldwide affliction of COVID-19, but the decline of the pandemic was diminished in the face of the strong will of the participants, the  tenacity and desire of them to continue building their capacities, to deepen their knowledge and to increase their willingness to take part in the next season of debates.

The goal of the Academy is to prepare young cadres to manage the activities and programs of the National Debate Team in Kuwait and to provide participants with general knowledge of the most important elements for organizing debate activities, as well as to assist them in formulating their perceptions of the tasks and roles required for the success of the activities and how to assess and improve them, in addition to achieving and evaluating the effect.

Farah Al-Harbi: The Academy gained an impressive turnout, as the number of those enrolled in the academy exceeded 70

Farah Al-Harbi, Head of Public Relations and Responsible for the Supporting Committee of the Academy Administration-Kuwait-said: “The Academy received a remarkable turnout, as the number of students enrolled in the Academy exceeded 70, and 30 participants were admitted on the basis of the requirements and indicators approved for admission to the Academy. The scientific characteristics have varied. The careers of the participants, including teachers, engineers and employees, as well as the range of ages between 16 and 36 years.” 

The intensive workshops of the Academy were extended for five consecutive days presented by QatarDebate’s Coach Thaer Farahat on theoretical and practical skills through a detailed explanation. The final presentation was also drafted for the project, which is evaluated based on observations by the trainer and the Academy Support Committee, in which QatarDebate ambassadors from Kuwait Fahad Al-Subaie and Bader Al-Shatti also participated.  The Academy has shown that, with the expertise, experience and commitment that have characterized the members, they are able to persevere and adapt to international trends, capacity building and talent investment.

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