QatarDebate at the UN’s Conference on the Least Developed Countries
March 16, 2023 0

Centralizing Youth voices in the Development Agenda

Doha – QatarDebate Center

As part of the participation of QatarDebate Center – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – in the fifth UN Conference on Least Developed Countries, QatarDebate hosted an informative and thought-provoking debate entitled “Centralizing Youth voices in the Development Agenda”.

QatarDebate has always been an active member and supporter of youth, and this debate is a great example as it was a unique opportunity and provided a platform for youth to have their voices heard and to interact with the decision makers at the conference held under the slogan “From Potential to Prosperity” with the participation of six thousand heads of states and governments, ministers, diplomats, businessmen, decision makers and representatives of organizations, institutions and regional and international companies.  

Local and international speakers

The debaters that took part in the debate were from different backgrounds and from different fields. From Qatar, the speakers were, Al Anood Al Thani, a Georgetown University in Qatar student, and the coach of Qatar national debate team 2020.

Joining her was Pragyan Acharya, a Nepali student from Georgetown University in Qatar, president of the Georgetown Debate Club, and the director of the Debate network Nepal; along with Sara Al-Maadheed, Qatar University student, and a young climate activist, a member in Youth4Climate Pre-COP 26.

The international speakers were Ahmed Iqbal Chaudhary, the former mayor of Narowal in Pakistan and the director of the Local Democratic Dialogue project between Dehleez and Pakistan.

Omar Ajdiny, the chairman of the Youth Forum, a political party, North Macedonia; and –       Hanna Al Tigani, Human Rights & Social Justice Activist.

One of the most important points discussed in the discussions is that the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals provide a common agenda for peace and prosperity for the Earth now and in the future.

These goals address the global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental deterioration, peace and justice.

The agenda also aims at boosting prosperity and saving the environment; while wondering whether it is possible to achieve these goals by 2030, especially since the least developed countries in the world are in a race against time to achieve these goals, which will need the international support to aid them in overcoming all the challenges including economic stability, governmental policies, conflicts, population growth and more.

UN Conference on the least developed countries

The conference on the 46 least developed countries in the world is held every 10 years. It provides an opportunity to accelerate the sustainable development in the countries most in need of international assistance, and to benefit from the whole capabilities of the least developed countries in order to progress towards the prosperity.

Debate Instructor – Mubarrat Wassey

The debate was moderated by QatarDebate’s debate instructor, Mubarrat Wassey who said “Youth are the main drivers of the successful implementation of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They are an integral part of the successful implementation of these goals as they are the thinkers, change makers, creators and future leaders. These discussions are important to unify and communicate their voices. I was honored to manage the debate that took place between the best debaters.”

He continued: “The debate’s course and the refutation of the issue and proposals were the alarm that confirmed the importance of intellectual discussions and the hope that communicating ideas to people and presenting views is a proof to reconsider the public’s concepts and preconceived ideas.”

The participants presented their ideas and evidences supported with a logical analysis away from bias and dispersion.

All thanks to those who contributed to the organization, preparation and success of this event, and thanks to the attendees and to those who participated in the survey and provided their opinion.


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