Team Qatar at the biggest schools debating championship
August 24, 2022 0

The national debate team representing Qatar at the World Schools Debating Championship 2022

Doha – QatarDebate Center

Team Qatar participated in the World Schools Debating Championship, which was organized by the Netherlands – online, with the participation of 66 countries.
Undoubtedly, according to the jury’s evaluation, Team Qatar achieved results that exceeded expectations after reaching the elimination rounds and breaking 5th in their group, making them among the top debate teams in the world.

This is the last tournament for the golden generation of Qatari debaters, which was supervised by debate instructors, Mubarat Wassi from QatarDebate and Al-Anoud Al Thani, a former Team Qatar debater and currently a student at Georgetown University alongside Wadha Al-Hamidi – the team supervisor.
One of the strengths of the debaters is the ability to confront teams on the debate platforms with thought, expression and knowledge of the issues of the world in which they live.

Moza Al-Hajri is a well-deserved Qatari debater won the title of the 6th best speaker
Mozah Khaled Al-Hajri, said: “I participated with QatarDebate 3 years ago in both programs, Arabic and English, and we reached these results after months of training with the center’s coaches throughout the year and during the summer period, the training became intense at an average of 7 hours a day, in addition to focusing on improvised debates and diversity in preparing issues.”

We feel proud to represent Qatar and the Arab world at the WSDC

Moza Al-Hajri

She praised the friendly debates with other international teams in preparation for the tournament, which would identify the strengths and weaknesses of both parties.
Moza Al-Hajri expressed how happy she is to represent Qatar, as it is a feeling of pride, especially with the low presence of Arab countries in the championship, so we feel proud to represent our country and the Arab world.

Al-Hajri continued: “This is my last participation as a member of Team Qatar, but it is the beginning of a new journey in the debate circuit as a trainer to support the new generations of debaters and trainees or to explore the field of debate adjudication later, and this is a small part of giving back to QatarDebate, which I thank and thank the coaches for their dedication and effort for what we have achieved.” .

Al-Reem Al-Aqili, Team Qatar 2022 member said: “It’s an indescribable feeling, we were happy and proud of the achievements that have been achieved. The national team honourable represented Qatar and waved its flag high in international arenas.

She praised the team’s teamwork ethics, progress through hard work, and the role of the center and coaches. All these factors played a prominent role in achieving Qatar’s achievements in the world of debate.
Noting that the debate completely changed her life, she learned how to overcome severe challenges, including the challenges of the pandemic, debating from home, and competing with the strongest teams in the world and overcoming them, but thanks to God and insistence on learning and training, the team completed its march towards excellence and success.
She added: “We are proud that we have succeeded in representing the State of Qatar, and we will continue to prepare for the establishment of a other generation of Team Qatar that will carry the banner in regional and international debates.
A big thanks to QatarDebate for their endless support that has brought us to this achievement, and another thanks to our families, friends and the global debate community for their warm support.

Mira Khaled Mohamed, another member of the 2022 national team, added, “First of all, credit is due to God and to QatarDebate’s coaches and the team members for complying with the laws of intensive daily exercises and the research and participation debates that took place with different countries.”
“We are proud that we have reached the world by representing our beloved country in the way it deserves, and we aspire to continue to progress in the future.”
Emphasizing that she will continue in the field of debates, and this is her first participation, and she has the ambition and determination to be with Team Qatar in the next two years.

It is noteworthy that Team Qatar includes promising national youth elements: “Moza Khaled Al-Hajri – Al-Reem Al-Aqili – Fatima Al-Thani – Fatima Marafi – Mira Khaled Muhammad – Sarah Al-Maadeed.”


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