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May 19, 2020 0

Elite Academy members thrive in the debate field


Many decisions are not instantaneous, but might change our whole future, and begin to change our lifestyle and way of thinking. My entry into the world of debates is one of these decisions that created many opportunities for me and helped me discover and develop my skills, and it was a way to turn my dreams into reality.

Khadija before entering the debate world is certainly not the same Khadija after it, participating in international events, in addition to getting into the Elite Academy the experience gained from the academy, helped me greatly to refine my personality and broaden the horizon and my thoughts.

Debating has certainly changed my life for the better

  • How did your activity in the debate field of start?

I started my activity in the world of debates in high school by chance when I participated in 2016 in the local and national championship organized by the Moroccan Voice of Youth Program. This was the crucial point that ignited my passion for debates, during which I got to know QatarDebate Center, I watched the championship videos with deep sadness because I did not know how I can participate and how to be part of this event, I was content with watching and dreaming to be part of the world of debates and complete the path. The passion of debate continued until I entered the university and after knowing that there are several debating clubs in Arab countries, I decided to take the step of establishing the club during my first year of university, the step was accompanied by difficulties and obstacles impeded by the administration or students because of the lack of understanding of the logic and idea of ​​the debate and the benefit of it and they do not understand the idea of ​​a debate club but I continued in the idea until I found support from the professor Khadija Yousfi and the members of the club who believed in the idea of ​​the debate to establish the club on April 4, 2018 and here new challenges began, especially that I did not have the experience in the field of debate and what I know is nothing more than a simple participation that was not enough to train students, but I was able to convey to them my passion and love for the debate to participate in the year 2019 in the Fifth International Universities Debating Championship in Doha, which was like a dream years ago, and then I was accepted to join the Elite Academy in the same year, the third batch to represent my country, Morocco, and spread QatarDebate’s message. I also participated in adjudicating the Asian Arabic Debating Championship organized by QatarDebate Center in the Malaysian capital.

  •  Why did you  decide to join the Elite Academy?

I decided to join the Elite Academy out of my great love for debating and because I wanted to develop myself more and refine my skills and increase my experience in the field of debates by going deeper into the principles of debate and broadening my perception and have the means and tools that qualify me to assist and train advanced debaters in the club on the technique of debating and transfer the experience to them and the development of the club through the experiences that I will gain in the Elite Academy in terms of benefiting from the successful experiences and ideas that I will get by joining the elite and preparing debaters who are able to build a strong position in debating and are able to work on projects that serve to spread the debating culture more organized ways and open new horizons for debates in Morocco.

  • In your opinion, what are some of the experiences and differences from participating in international debate championships compared to taking part in the Elite Academy?

The difference between the debate experience in the international championship and the elite academy experience is that I entered the first one with a simple experience as I was not well versed in the basics of the debate, but this distinctive experience made the difference and added a lot to me. As for the elite experience, it is a great addition to my career in the field of debate is an experience that cannot be described An inspiring experience full of hope, giving, and creativity through changing my understanding of debate and refining my skills in the debating training, it is rich in terms of content and the knowledge aspect that trainers presented to us in QatarDebate in addition to learning about a different culture with a group of distinguished young people from different parts of the world, and when I talk about the elite, I do not only talk about the week that brought us together in Doha, but relations are continuing and crossed the borders and cooperation still exists and the exchange of experiences continues. All thanks and appreciation to QatarDebate for choosing me to be in the elite and thank you for the tremendous efforts they make in spreading the culture of dialogue and debate And strengthening the position of the Arabic language

  • What were the activities that the initiative worked on in light of the recent crisis?

Corona’s crisis created exceptional circumstances in which we were forced to socialize, stay at home, and close the university. It was frustrating at the beginning, especially because it meant postponing a lot of activities and projects, but the passion for the debate continues, we tried to save the situation and create opportunities for members and continue the learning journey, so we started to conduct training workshops online in the debate and participation In friendly debates with different countries, we take advantage of most of us and benefit from the experiences of the international rulers that we host in the debates that we do. The idea was well received, especially as it is a valuable opportunity for club members who were afraid to speak in front of the public to face their fears and the opportunity to develop the debating skills and discussion on topical issues, especially that the crisis has raised many discussions in the area in addition to attending workshops of knowledge content provided by QatarDebate to use in the training which will be given to the members of the club later.

  • What are the future projects that you will work on?

Since the establishment of the club, we have been working to spread the culture of debate and pave the way to build a ground for dialogue and acceptance of the other as its basis through organizing training workshops and debates and participating in national championships and spreading the culture of debate outside the walls of the university and there are many projects under planning, including projects related to the establishment of debating clubs across the various regions of Morocco as well as we aspire To organize the Universities Championship in the Arabic language, we seek to empower Moroccan youth, improve their skills, and increase their awareness of their surroundings through the debate.

  • What would you like to say to those who wish to get involved in the debate field in the Kingdom of Morocco?

My word to those who wish to engage in the field of debates in Morocco. Do not hesitate to engage in this experience, because debate is a unique experience that can change your life. Khadija before the debate is not the same as Khadija now. the debate is too big to be confined in tournaments or the logic of winning and losing. Debate is a way of life that lives with us. Do not miss the opportunity to join the debating family. For everyone who wishes to be part of the debate, we are ready to provide all assistance and support, in providing training or creating clubs, and to make all possible efforts. Morocco needs you because the debate is able to prepare an entire generation to be active in its society and able To harnessing all its capabilities to build and serve the country, this is Morocco which we want, our dream that debate becomes in all regions of Morocco, so help us achieve this dream.

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