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The 6th International Schools Debating Championship

The 6th International Schools Debating Championship, the biggest Arabic debating event in the world for schools. More than 50 countries take part in the international championship to debate, discuss, and explore opinions on some of the world's most talked about topics, as well as compete for the title to be the world champions.

Registration is closed

Registration is now closed, for inquiries please email us at:
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Registration Phases


Phase 1 Registration Begins
(Registering School / Institute through team coordinator)
12th February 2023


Phase 1 Registration Ends
(Participation Acceptance)
12th March 2023


Phase 2 Registration Begins
(Teams Selections & registering debaters)
16th March 2023


Phase 2 Registration Ends
(Participation Confirmation)
6th April 2023

Championship Stages

Qualification Rounds

6 - 7 May 2023

All teams will debate in 5 preliminary rounds. The qualification rounds will take place virtually (online).

Final Rounds

2 - 4 September 2023

The top 16 teams – 12 teams open category and 4 teams AFL category – will qualify to the final rounds in Doha Qatar. Teams will debate amongst them in a series of rounds leading up to the AFL finals and the semifinals then final round for the open category.

Championship's Technical Guide

You can find all the needed details regarding the 6th International Schools Debating Championship here 

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