The 5th Edition of the IUDC

In 2019, the 5th International Universities Debating Championship (IUDC) took place in Doha, with the participation of a staggering 100 teams representing universities from across the globe. The championship served as a remarkable platform for fostering critical thinking, cultural exchange, and the exploration of pressing global issues through the power of debate. It remains, to this date, the largest IUDC ever held, leaving an indelible mark on the world of academic debate.

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Enriching Dialogue, Empowering Minds

Sharpening Minds, Engaging the World

The Champions

Winners of the 5th IUDC

1st Place

Princess Sumaya University for Technology

2nd Place

Qatar University

3rd Place

University Amar Telidji – Laghouat

AFL Category

1st Place

Islamic Science University of Malaysia

2nd Place

University of Calgary

The best in the world

The Top Speakers

Open Category

AFL Category

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Beyond Borders, Beyond Languages

Connecting Through Debate

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