QatarDebate Ambassadors

Fahad Alsubaie – QatarDebate ambassador to Kuwait
  • He was elected to be QatarDebate’s ambassador to Kuwait during the 2nd International Universities Arabic Debating Championship in 2013.
  • Established “Kuwait Debate Club”.
  • Participated as a coach for the Kuwaiti team in the 1st ISADC.
  • Presented a research paper in the 4th international Conference on Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate and the Pedagogy of Empowerment – organized by QatarDebate.
  • Participated in the 2nd IUADC as a judge.
  • Worked with QatarDebate through giving various workshops in many Arab countries.
  • Participated as chief adjudicator in the “Arab Maghreb union debate championship” and the “Universities championship in Jordan”.
  • A member in the 1st batch of the Elite academy.
Salim Alshamakhi – QatarDebate ambassador to Oman
  • Salim was elected as QatarDebate ambassador back in 2016, during the 3rd International Schools Arabic Debating Championship.
  • Trained a team from Oman for the National Championship, and was selected as a judge in the final stages.
  • Organized a training workshop for prep. School teachers in Oman and organized a debate championship for prep. Schools, with 23 schools participating.
  • Organized training sessions and a mini debate championship for applied science colleges in Oman.
  • Participated as a judge in the Qatar National competition and the 3rd IUADC and 3rd ISADC.
  • Started to form the National team for debates in Oman.
  • Organized the national Universities and colleges debate championship in association with the National Youth Committee.
  • A member in the 1st batch of the Elite Academy.
Thaer Farahat – QatarDebate ambassador to Jordan
  • He was selected as QatarDebate’s ambassador to Jordan during the 3rd International Schools Arabic Debating Championship in 2016.
  • His relationship with QatarDebate started when he participated in the 1st IUADC as a debater with the Jordanian team and finished in 3rd place.
  • Established a Debate club and organized many workshops and training sessions in Jordan, as well as organizing the first Jordanian University Championship.
  • Worked on establishing a program for the student parliamentary elections, where he introduced specialized topics in debates and workshops for communication skills.
  • A member in the 1st batch of the Elite Academy.
Yousef Fakhro – QatarDebate Ambassador to USA
  • He was announced QatarDebate ambassador to USA during the final ceremony in the 3rd IUADC.
  • Joined QatarDebate in 2009 as a debater in the 1st ISADC
  • Represented Qatar in the world schools debate championship, in Scotland and Slovenia.
  • Worked passionately to spread the culture of debates and deliver the message of QatarDebate to the USA where he is pursuing his bachelor degree.
  • Worked on developing his skills and exchanging experiences with debaters from around the world.

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