ISADC 2016

The 3rd International Schools Arabic Debating Championship (ISADC) is following the great success of the 1st and 2nd ISADC; they have established a positive model for ambitious Schools championships within the Arab world and beyond.

The 3rd ISADC 2016 comprises two successive phases:

I. QatarDebate Academy
Through the Academy, QatarDebate Centre (QD) organizes workshops for the trainers of participating teams. Through these workshops QD aims to equip new trainers with the necessary skills and information on debate and its rules and regulations. They aim to enhance their capabilities to coach their teams for the championship as best as possible.
The inaugural International Schools Arabic Debating Championship was launched in 2012 in the Arab world under the auspices of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Qatar Foundation’s Chairperson. Later, the ISADC was launched internationally to become the first tournament of its kind. It has now become the prime model to follow for schools which hold Arabic debating championships allowing our high level of debate and dialogue to spread throughout the nation, making Qatar a shining center for intellectual and leading creativity in the Arab World.

1. Promote the Arabic language, the essence of our Arab and Islamic identity, and take pride in it;
2. Activate and promote debate in Arabic by attracting more students to practice it;
3. Strengthen and deepen ties among participating countries in educational and cultural fields;
4. Establish a culture of constructive dialogue which yields knowledge and leads to celebrating differences, diversity and openness to other societies;
5. Strengthen the culture of respecting others while observing religious, ethnic, linguistic and cultural sensitivities;
6. Deeply examine today’s issues and their background, enabling students to have a more comprehensive and panoramic views;
7. Hone participants’ talents and ensure their mastering of the art of constructive dialogue and debate while respecting different opinions;
8. Equip participants with the necessary skill to clearly detect and identify flaws in an argument and learn how to respond to them effectively;
9. Enhance friendship positive ties among the youth of participating countries;
10. Unleash the creative capabilities and skill of expressing one’s own opinion;
11. Better today’s youth by helping them understand the principles of dialogue and reach their full potential, as to have a more knowledge-based and accepting society in the future.

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