About the International Schools Arabic Debating Championship

QatarDebate- a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – organizes the second international Schools Arabic Debating championship, to be held in Doha on 23 – 26 March 2014.

This year’s championship will feature 25 teams, 21 of which will represent Arab countries, while the remaining four teams will represent the United States, Turkey, Malaysia, and Singapore.

QatarDebate Seeks to establish and disseminate the art of debate in Arabic language in our Arab communities, and as a part of QatarDebate’s efforts to spread awareness and promote debating in Arabic to youth in terms of preparation the future generations and leaders tomorrow from Arabic authentic foundations, which serves our language, our culture and our identity.

In this context, QatarDebate is looking to improve and enhancement this art and use it as an important teaching tool to encourage students to practice critical thinking, research and study, and refine their leadership personalities and language skills. The ISADC for the second time in a row, confirming the success of what has been established in its first copy that was geared to Arab youth with the aim of raising the level of debate, encourage dialogue, opinion freedom, and open discussion in the Arab world and world in general.

Championship Goals:

  • Documenting and deepen the Educational relations and Cultural Affairs between the participating schools on behalf of its countries.
  • Provide opportunities to consolidate the friendship bonds, brotherhood closer and work on the rapprochement between the Arab youth.
  • Instilling the culture of constructive dialogue that produces knowledge and opens door to different and rich diversity.
  • Activate the Arabic Debate and take care of it by encouraging freedom of opinion and open discussion in the Arab world and the world.
  • Unlocking capabilities and creative talents to express their opinions and interact with other opinion and accept it not collision with it.

The First International Schools Arabic Debating Championship 2012 winner teams

QatarDebate has organized this championship for the first time on the local and regional levels in 2012, with participation of 21 teams from 20 Arab countries in addition to Malaysia.
Lebanon's team won first place, and came in second place Jordanian’s team, while solving Tunisian’s team in third place.

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