Submission Guidelines

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The deadline for abstract submission is now CLOSED. Registration is OPEN. It closes on 15 DECEMBER 2012.

We welcome presentations, workshops, and poster sessions in English and Arabic from scholars, teachers and active citizens from around the world.

Our goal is to open the way for in-depth discussions, debates, and the sharing of ideas that will enable more enlightened discourse in the 21st Century.

Abstracts should be single-spaced, use a 12-point font, and employ italics rather than underlining (except for URL addresses).

Proposal Submission:

  • Follow instructions and verify that ALL information submitted is complete and correct
  • After submitting, each contributor will receive a confirmation notice. Notifications about admission will be given within 4-6 weeks after submission.
  • Please note that submitting an abstract does not register you for the conference. All programme participants must register and pay the registration fee to attend the meeting.


Papers are 15-20 minute lecture-style presentations followed by 10 minutes for questions/responses. Abstracts should be no more than 150 words, including no more than 2-3 key references, if desired.

Workshops/panel discussions/roundtables/other formats:

Workshops/panel discussions/roundtables provide various opportunities for presentations, interaction and discussion (including with the audience) around a theme or topic. You may organize your timeslot and participants as you see fit but you should include adequate time for audience participation (1½ hour timeslot). Your abstract should be no longer than 200 words, including approximately 100 words outlining how the session will be organized. You may include no more than 3-4 key references, if desired.


Posters consist of a graphic display of a relevant research project or current topic on (no more than) one one or several sheets (A1-A3 size). Posters will be displayed at designated times throughout the conference with scheduled opportunities for the presenters to discuss the material with interested individuals. Your abstract should be no more than 200 words, including no more than 2-3 key references if desired. Presenters are expected to bring the poster presentation in print to the conference.

Multiple Submissions:

Individuals are permitted to serve as first author for a maximum of two presentations (papers, colloquia, workshops, panel discussions, roundtables). Serving as chair, co-chair, and discussant does not count toward this limit.

1- Submissions to the Argumentation/ Rhetoric division are made to:
Dr. David Williams (dcwill@fau.edu)

2- Submissions to the Debate division are made to:
Bojana Skrt (bojana.skrt@siol.net)

3- Submissions to the Critical Thinking/Pedagogy division are made to:
Prof. Alfred Snider (alfred.snider@uvm.edu)

Assessment of Abstracts:

Abstracts will be blind-reviewed by at least two independent experts. Reviewers will be asked to assess abstracts using the following criteria:

1. Does the abstract provide evidence of a clear line of argument and/or a clear and specific focus for the proposed session?

2. Does the abstract situate its problem/issue in a wider context (theoretical and/or empirical and/or practical) including relevant literature?

3. Does the abstract make clear how the analysis in the session is/will be grounded (theoretically, empirically or practically or some combination of these)?

4. If the session is to be focused on research, does the abstract include a brief but revealing description of the research methodology?

5. Does the proposed session appear to be feasible in the time allowed?

6. Is the abstract clear and well written?

7. Does the abstract relate to the overall conference theme(s)?

Submissions may be rejected if they do not conform to these guidelines.

Presenters whose papers are accepted will be invited to attend with registration fees.

Presenters are required to submit the Presenter Proposal Form in English to the relevant e-mail address above (Click here to download the Presenter Proposal Form).

In the subject line of your e-mail, type “your name + conference proposal” (e.g. “Kate Allen’s Conference Proposal”)

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