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QatarDebate - Elite Academy 2019

Elite Academy 2019 - 2021

Application terms

  1. 1- The applicant must be familiar with the basics and rules of debates.
  2. 2- The applicant must be able to travel from his country and attend the Academy workshops.
  3. 3- The applicant must have a clear conception and plan for a project that serves the art of debate.
  4. 4- Applicants must be at university level and above.
  5. 5- The applicant must adhere to all stages of the Academy in the event of acceptance of each stage.


Acceptance criteria


  1. 1- Passing the personal interview.
  2. 2- The project should be clear and have goals that serve the debates on the ground.
  3. 3- The applicant must pass all the assessments that precede the first phase of the Academy.
  4. 4- There will be a special evaluation for each phase. Therefore, each stage must be constantly interacted and evaluated individually to reach the next stage.
  5. 5- Advance knowledge of the advanced fundamentals and rules of debate.
  6. 6- All conditions must be conformed in the applicant's file.

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