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QatarDebate - Ambassadors

As part of QatarDebate’s efforts to spread the culture of constructive dialogue and debate across the globe, the ambassadors’ program was introduced in 2013, due to the program’s inception, QatarDebate was able to expand its activities in the region.Over the years QatarDebate expanded the ambassadors’ program to include 7 ambassadors from 6 countries.


Fahad Al-Subaie

QatarDebate ambassador from Kuwait

A debater since the first international universities debating championship in 2011, a coach of the Kuwaiti team that took part in the first international schools debating championship, an international adjudicator since 2012.

Fahad is an Elite Academy graduate (1st batch) and was selected to be QatarDebate ambassador in 2013.



1.      Founded the Kuwaiti National Debate team.

2.      Co-founded the Kuwaiti schools debating club.

3.      Organized the first debate forum in Kuwait.

4.      Supervised the first national universities championship in Kuwait.

5.      Took part in organizing and judging various international championships

a.      North African championship – Tunis 2014

b.      European Universities Arabic Debating Championship – Vienna 2019

c.       Jordan university championship

d.      Lebanese universities debating championship

e.      Oman universities debating championship

Bader Alshety

QatarDebate ambassador from Kuwait

Bader was introduced to the debating world after attending the Training of Trainers organized by QatarDebate in 2014, after that Bader started his coaching journey by coaching the Kuwaiti team that participated in the second International Schools Debating Championship, and continued to coach locally and internationally, in addition to conducting various training workshops. Bader also adjudicated in various local and international debating championships.  

An Elite Academy graduate (1st batch) and was selected to be QatarDebate ambassador in 2018.



1.      Introducing debate activities in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education.

a.      Establishing the schools debate club

b.      Launching a school’s national debate championship

2.      Won the Kuwait award for excellence and creativity, awarded by His excellency the Emir of Kuwait, for his projects in the debate field.

3.      Co-founded the Kuwaiti National Debate team

4.      Contributed in introducing debates to the curriculum as tool in teaching in classes.

5.      Conducting various workshops and training sessions locally and internationally

6.      Presented multiple academic papers on integrating debates in the education system in various conferences and events.

Al Miqdad Ahmed

QatarDebate ambassador from Sudan

An activist and a researcher from Sudan, specializing in economics and development. A debater in the 2nd iteration of the International Universities Debating Championship, a international debate coach and adjudicator.

An Elite Academy graduate (1st batch) and was selected to be QatarDebate ambassador in 2018.



1.      Team leader of Khartoum University team that took part in the 3rd International Universities Debating Championship.

2.      Co-founder of Sudan Debate center, and executive director 2015-2017

3.      During his period of serving as executive director, the Center expanded to work in more than ten Sudanese universities. Supervised the preparation of educational materials for; training of trainers, judging, international and local teams, organizing tournaments and various events.

4.       An international adjudicator since 2016.

Salem Al Shamakhy

QatarDebate ambassador from Oman

 Salim’s relationship with QatarDebate started after attending a Training of Trainers workshop conducted by QatarDebate for the Education of Ministry in Oman. Later, Salim coached the team that represented Oman in the International Schools debating championship. As an adjudicator he judged various local and international tournaments.

An Elite Academy graduate (1st batch) and was selected to be QatarDebate ambassador in 2016.



1.      Co-founded the National Debate team in Oman.

2.      Coached multiple teams that took part in local and international tournaments.

3.      Presented multiple workshops locally and internationally.

4.      Contributed in organizing many debate championships locally and internationally.

Hawa Al Jaradi

QatarDebate ambassador from UK

Hawaa began her journey in the debate world as a debater and participated in multiple local and international debate competitions, where she received various achievements.

Hawaa is an Elite Academy graduate (2nd batch) and was selected in 2019 to be an ambassador for QatarDebate in the United Kingdom.



1.      Presented debate workshops to various schools and universities in Oman.

2.      Adjudicated multiple debate tournaments locally and internationally in Oman, Qatar and the UK.

3.      Coached debate teams who took part in international debate championships.

4.      Established a debate club in her county, focusing on spreading the art of debating and coaching school students in debate skills.

5.      Presented multiple workshops for university students in Liverpool, UK.

Mohammed Al Marri

QatarDebate ambassador in the United States of America

Faculty member at Qatar University and a PhD student in political science.

He started debating in secondary school and participated in local debate tournaments. His relationship with QatarDebate was established when he joined the debate club in Qatar University as a student in 2012, where he progressed vastly in the debate field.

He was chosen to be QatarDebate ambassador in 2018.



1.      Reached the semifinals with his team in the International Universities Debating Championship in 2015.

2.      Coached the Qatari team that won the International Schools Debating Championship in 2016.

3.      Supported QatarDebate in presenting multiple training sessions and workshops locally and internationally in the following countries (Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Austria, USA)

4.      Supported QatarDebate in organizing various debate tournaments and championships locally and internationally.

Abir Al Majrouh

QatarDebate ambassador from Tunisia

 An international adjudicator, trainer and the president of the Tunisian High Schools Club of Debates.

Abir entered the field of debates in her first year of college, where she was able to participate in many local and international championships.

In Tunisia, Abir oversees multiple projects in the debate field, including coaching, adjudicating and managing debate clubs.

Abir is an Elite Academy graduate (2nd batch) and was selected in 2019 to be an ambassador for QatarDebate in Tunisia.


1.      Coaching the team that represented Tunis in the International Schools Debating Championship.

2.      Adjudicated multiple debate tournaments locally and internationally.

3.      Established the Tunisian High Schools Club of Debates.

4.      Initiated the Debate Coffee corner project, targeting young youth to adopt the debate culture.