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QatarDebate - 2020

5th International Schools Debating Championship


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The International Schools Arabic Debating Championships has gained a prominent position through its association with QatarDebate Center - a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development - in the establishment and dissemination of the culture of debate and open dialogue around the world.


Such tournaments are an important incentive for intellectual creativity, it encourages students to practice critical thinking, research and study, and refine their leadership and linguistic skills, as well as contribute to the advancement and the dissemination of the Arabic language among participants from different countries, whether they are native or non-native speakers.


The purpose of this championship is to bring together young Arabic and non-Arabic speaking debaters from all around the world, in a rich gathering that can be distinguished from other academic activities as it features a fusion of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and ideologies.


Global debate gatherings are unique in terms of allowing people from different parts of the world with their diverse backgrounds to understand another’s point of view. Debaters question their pre-conceived notions and stereotypes, and this inculcates tolerance and better understanding of how they see the world.


On this note, QatarDebate is pleased to announce the 5th International Schools Arabic Debating Championship in Doha, Qatar which will be held from 7th – 11th March 2020.


In preparation for this major event, QatarDebate Centre organized the Debate Academy - Training of Trainers (ToT) - on November 2019 in Doha. The aim of this academy is to equip new team coaches with the necessary skills to select, train and prepare their teams for the championship as best as possible.


This championship will witness the participation of more than 50 countries from across the globe, all of which are here for one goal, take the 5th ISDC title back home.


We are happy to see the championship grow over the years as this year we will see the participation of three countries taking in the championship for the first time which are, Greece, Bulgaria, and Azerbaijan.


We wish all participants the best of luck in this championship.