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English End of the Debate Academy - Training of Trainers

International trainers prepare for the 4th ISADC


After an eventful and fruitful week-long program, the events of the Debate Academy came to an end, which had 23 participants from across the globe.

“QatarDebate aimed from this intensive program to establish standards in the field of debates, and develop qualified trainers able to spread the art of debating in Arabic in their countries”.

Nizar Mukhtar: “The Academy included several important points that enabled the participants to master key skills necessary to select teams and prepare them for the 4th International Schools Arabic Debating Championship”.

“This Debate Academy had new participants, participating for the first time with QatarDebate such as: Albania, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Serbia and Kosovo”.

Ismail Gindullin - Arabic Teacher at the Islamic College in Russia: "The academy gave us the chance to meet & interact with different communities and cultures and gave us a great chance to exchange knowledge and experiences”.

Bermet Muratbekova from Kyrgyzstan: “Debating is a great tool to convince our students to learn and master the Arabic language”.

Amel Rebai from Germany: “We will keep on working after the academy to organize debate tournaments through our networks between Germany, Turkey, Sweden and Czech”.

The participants praised the academy and the excellent level of trainers and the information they provided. 
The next step now is to spread the experience gained to the students participating in the 4th International Schools Arabic Debating Championship.