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QatarDebate - Event Name Judges training

Judges training

A introductory workshop for aspiring judges

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A beginners workshop for aspiring judges who want to enter the debate field as adjudicators and participate in debate tournaments and events as judges.

This workshop focuses on all necessary skills to be a successful judge in competitive debates, such as managing the debate,  coming up with the decision, giving feedback and individual grading to debaters.


Who can attend this workshop?

  • Debate club coordinators at schools and universities.
  • Who ever is interested in participating in debate tournaments as a judge.
  • Participants must either be associated with an educational institute that is participating with QatarDebate or have taken part in an "introduction to debates" workshop.


**Workshop will be presented in Arabic

**This workshop is for individuals living in Qatar only.


For inquiries or for more information please email us at: tmsuawidi@qf.org.qa 


  Event has ended

 From Oct 13 2019
  To Oct 16 2019
  QatarDebate Center - Multaqa (EC Student Center)