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QatarDebate - Event Name BP 101

BP 101

Debate & Adjudication Training for Beginners


Calling all new university debaters & aspiring judges! QatarDebate is conducting an introductory debate training for all beginners.


Workshop Overview :


  • To introduce and familiarize new debaters and judges to the BP (British Parliamentary) debate format.
  • To understand basic case building, motion analysis, argumentation, extensions and refutation.
  • To learn how to structure speeches and flow debates.
  • To learn how to make as well as judge persuasive speeches (style, content & strategy).



Date of Training : Saturday, September 28th 2019.

Time of Training : 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Registration deadline : September 23, 2019

  Event has ended

 From Sep 28 2019
  To Sep 28 2019
  Education City