About QatarDebate

QatarDebate Centre, a member of "Qatar Foundation for Education, Education and Community Development", was established in 2008 and is the national debating organization for Qatar. Our aim is to shape the global citizens of today and the intellectual leaders of tomorrow in Qatar and the region, through the delivery of diverse debate learning programs featuring Arabic and English, in Qatar and the region. We do this by delivering a wide range of high quality debate learning programs in Arabic and English, which seek to promote the culture and use of debate, open dialogue and discussion as effective academic and personal development skills amongst secondary and university students.

QatarDebate Centre soon established a reputation for quality, delivery, and results in Qatar and the region – not inadvertently. Its success is based on the individual attention it is paying to the specific needs of its partners. Our achievements have marked us as a beacon of outstanding practice in spreading a culture of informed dialogue, open discussion and logical thought, all of which are at the heart of debate, in Qatar, the region, and beyond. In so doing, we have succeeded in gaining a reputation, alongside academic institutions, of actively promoting the skills of public speaking, critical thinking, research, and self-confidence among young individuals.

We aim to produce highly qualified, competitive, and socially adept students who excel in a multilingual, multicultural, and global society. Our work in schools and universities extends beyond running debate coach workshops for students, as we strive to mainstream the idea of debate as a holistic extracurricular activity with multiple benefits. We believe it is important that schools and universities begin to consider the importance of debate as a subject and life skill that significantly improves students’ ability to communicate better, to make informed choices, and to actively contribute to the development of their society.

As an organization, QatarDebate Centre also serves the community by partnering with local organizations and ministries to improve the quality of public discussions through public debates programs. These collaborative programs offer an informed and constructive platform for organizations to empower the youth and raise awareness of important local and global issues in an open forum.

Our Vision

To develop, support and raise the standard of open discussion and debate among students in Qatar and across the Middle East, thereby shaping the global citizens of today as well as creating the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To foster a culture of discussion and debate, and in doing so, shape the global citizens of today as well as create the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.

Our Objective

To provide and promote educational debating activities at the local, regional and international levels for high-school and university students in Qatar, and also to educate young people about communications and critical thinking.

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