Georgetown university wins the 2020-2021 National Debate Championship
April 27, 2021 0

Georgetown dominating the 2020-2021 debate season for universities

Doha – QatarDebate Center

Georgetown wins the championship title as well as the second place title in the National Debating Championship for Universities in English, organized by QatarDebate Center – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development on March 27, 2021 via the ZOOM platform.

The team from Georgetown University achieved a big victory, so we are curious to ask about the reason. The answer comes from the best speaker in the tournament, Prajian Acharya, who clarified some points and said: “Winning and achieving the championship title was due to two reasons. The first was paying attention to the comments of the accomplished adjudicators during the league throughout the season, and their golden advice after each round was one of the most effective things that qualified the team to win.
The second reason is the university’s participation in 4 debate tournaments throughout the academic year, which helped them to develop their skills greatly by discussing the various issues that opened the field of research and learning and improving the general level of the university’s two teams.

5 universities participated in the championship, which are: “Qatar University – Georgetown – Texas A & M – Qatar National Team – and a team from Jordan.” The number of students competing was 24 students.

Controversial global issues concern everyone
Students debated several issues, including: “This House regrets dealing with graduate studies as companies,” “This house regrets the culture of humility.” “This house will release prisoners based on their rehabilitation status, instead of setting a predetermined period for their sentences.”

Final Motion
You live in a world where, upon reaching your 18th birthday, everyone receives a sealed envelope with when and how they will die. These envelopes never fault anyone … “As a recent 18-year-old, this house will burn the envelope rather than open it.”

Georgetown University team won the National championship title as well as the Qatar Universities Debate League title for the 2020-2021 season.
The top speaker in the league and the national championship were also from Georgetown university.

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