British Festival Debate

British Festival Debate

Date / Time:
16 Mar 2015 Download ICS File
Georgetown University Auditorium
English Program

Organized by the British Council, QatarDebate, Debate Mate and Georgetown University

Invitation british debate.jpg British debate sponsors

This House would give parents access to their children’s social media accounts

The classical boundaries of how much parents should monitor their children’s social and private lives are being redrawn. A recent poll found that 94% of teenagers have social media accounts. As such, an increasing proportion of the lives of young people are spent interacting with friends and strangers online. Whilst there are clear benefits of this to the personal, social, and intellectual development of children, there are also dangers. This debate focuses on the issues facing parents and children in the new world of social media, and how to best navigate its challenges.

4 debaters from Qatar and 4 debaters from the UK will be put into two teams, going head to head to debate the motion, followed by a panel discussion on the value of debate, including discussion questions such as:

How does debating improve language skills?

What research has been done to show that debating skills are useful outside the debating chamber?

What is the best way to spread debating internationally?

Venue: Georgetown University Auditorium
Date: 16th March
Time: 6 – 8:30 pm
Refreshments Provided
This event is free – register to reserve your seats!

All attendees will be entered into a draw to win a trip to the UK to watch a live debate in the Houses of Parliament!

To find out more about the organizers, please visit their website:
QatarDebate: http://www.qatardebate.org/
Debate Mate: http://www.debatemate.com/
Georgetown University: http://qatar.sfs.georgetown.edu/

This event is organized as part of the British Festival 2015. The festival is organized by the British Embassy in partnership with the British Council and in association with the UK government’s GREAT campaign, which aims to showcase the very best of what Britain has to offer. Find out more by visiting http://www.britishcouncil.qa/en/British-Festival-2015

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