Famous Qatari Debaters

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Majed Al Ansari

A witty debater who began the activity in grade 8 after watching his older sister dedicate her time to Team Qatar. He is an enthusiastic debater, particularly on topics dealing with the economy and philosophy and he is constantly making the audience laugh during his speeches. He has participated on two Worlds Schools Teams representing Qatar in both Scotland and South Africa and was a member of the winning team at the World Schools Debate Academy in Slovenia in 2011.


Reem Hany Safar

Reem is a passionate debater with immense amounts of knowledge about social issues. She participates not only in debate but is an active chess player on the national team. Reem is always enthusiastic to debate and encourages others to do the same. She has tremendous amounts of courage and never gives up when forced to debate a difficult subject.

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Khalid Al Khulaifi

Khalid is extremely well versed in political debates, specifically those dealing with International Relations. He is constantly juggling academic camps and debate practices, but he is a keen learner and shows up to practices prepared to work and excited to debate. Whenever other debaters are down, they run to Khalid as he has the ability to cheer everyone up with his witty remarks and constant smile.

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Dana Al Ansari

A dynamic and committed young lady who has an undying passion and love for debate ever since her participation as Team Qatar member at the WSDC 2009 in Athens, also continued to represent Qatar in WSDC 2010. She is an avid debater who has progressed to being a fabulous coach at her own school Park House from where she graduated and is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Management in Carnegie Mellon University - Qatar. A super debater, brilliant coach and valued judge.


Yousef Nabeel Fakhroo

Yousef has traveled the world debating from Oman to Scotland to Slovenia. He is an extremely confident debater offering points of information that do immense amounts of damage to the opposing team. He is always reading about cars and electronics and even placed in a robotics competition in Jordan. Yousef is always joking and even attempts to avoid practices, but enjoys debating too much that he is unable to stay away.


Sara Al Shamlan

A smart and vibrant student who regularly brings diverse accolades to Qatar Academy, where she is currently studying in Grade 12; is also a good example for QatarDebate’s impressive debaters. Not only has she taken part in WSDC 2009 and 2010 as part of Team Qatar, she has also displayed superior performances at the National Championships in Doha and other regional tournaments. A girl with multiple talents and zeal towards life who proves that debating does make leaders.


Talal Burshaid

A smart boy who showed rapt attention and enthusiasm towards debate, has been one of the first debaters and exemplary young leaders QatarDebate has groomed. He is also a protégée of the very reputed Qatar Leadership Academy ‘2009. In the pioneer participation of QatarDebate in WSDC 2008, Talal was one of the members in Team Qatar, bringing Qatar to international publicity through outstanding debating performances in September 2008 in Washington D.C. Currently he is enrolled at and pursuing his degree at the very prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point.

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